Restoration and Service

Lettering/Final Date

We have the equipment to add the final date to your loved one’s memorial, or we can add any inscription lettering to an existing memorial. We can also add family names or images to the back of the memorial. Some of these services are done on site and at other times at our business, and then carefully returned to its original home.


We have all the equipment required to fully restore a monument that has been weathered or damaged. If the damage is too great to repair, we can create a replacement monument for you. Raising and levelling is another way in which we can help restore memorials. We can retrieve the monument from its location, perform the necessary restoration, and return it to its place of origin; making sure it is well installed. Some restorations and levelling can be done on site.

Cleaning, Levelling, and Repainting

Using a combination of various cleaning materials, Block Stoneworks will make every effort to restore your memorial to its original appearance. We are able to clean memorials in both churchyards and cemeteries. If you feel your memorial is in need of attention, call us today and discuss your requirements.