Merle Block offers over 30 years of business experience to the Pembina Valley community.  Choosing a monument is one of the most personal and enduring decisions you or members of your family will ever make. A  memorial is a reflection of personal taste, but it is also the way you  will be remembered for generations. It is the longest lasting  investment anyone will ever make.

To ensure you get a monument that is the right style and quality for  you, consider the following options.


Upright monuments are known for their traditional, tall, freestanding design and are the memorial of choice. These memorials stand upright on a base and can either be the same thickness top to bottom, or thicker at the bottom becoming thinner at the top – like a wedge.


Slant Markers

Sla markers are small upright markers which are wedge shaped rectangles, installed on a base and are set above the ground.



Bevel top markers are slanted angular markers which are set several inches above ground level.


Flat Markers

Flat Markers, also known as Grass Markers, are flat granite rectangles installed flush to the ground. Bronze style flat markers are another option and they are custom cast bronze memorial plaques that are attached to granite markers for flat installation.

flat grass

Special Order

Each and every custom memorial is ordered and designed to suit your needs. Merle Block will work with you one on one, to discuss what those needs are, and how best to create a unique tribute for your loved one.