We are proud to maintain the craftsmanship of hands-on skills and abilities to produce sandblasted products.

Projects range from residential, commercial projects, various sandblasting designs, and landscape rocks ranging from boulders to small rocks, bricks, and pavers for fundraisers. The engraving of personal and pet memorials was a natural progression from over 35 years of working in the graphic arts industry.

We offer over 35 years of business and customer service experience to the Pembina Valley community.

Not only do we take pride in the quality of materials we use, we also invest in being able to offer visually attractive options to personalize your memorial, and make it one of a kind. Techniques include traditional sandblasting to contemporary laser etching. We have an extensive library of pictures available to be laser etched. If you are looking for something more personalized we also have an artist on staff would can create that personal picture for you. We can also laser off high quality photographs.


Choosing a monument is one of the most personal and enduring decisions you or members of your family will ever make. A memorial is a reflection of personal taste, but it is also the way you will be remembered for generations. It is the longest lasting investment anyone will ever make.